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The thrill of being a creative creator in advertising

Design of game-based advertising campaigns and gamification

About WackoTech

The first advertising game design studio in Iran

One of the major challenges facing modern businesses these days is advertising. Because it has become very difficult to present a creative campaign to attract quality users with good returns. The old-fashioned way of advertising digital is no longer so appealing, and banner ads have been duplicated in the eyes of users of websites and social networks in a way that subconsciously ignores it!
This is where Wackotech has a special offer for you. Experience a creative campaign using games and gamification! Contrary to popular belief, such a campaign is very cheap and cost-effective. All you have to do is leave it to the experts.

Game Design

At the end of the output that can be used in various advertising networks is available to you

Even this feature is located for you to make your favorite music Put on games

You can edit all the elements in the game to your liking

Choose one of the games according to your business or You order your own game

User information is provided to you to analyze and evaluate their performance Takes


Dedicated Gamification design

One of the services that wacko offers to those interested in interactive campaigns is the design of a Gamified Playable ad.

Access to IN-Ad data

Playable ads allow users to collect data to examine user behavior in interactive ads. This valuable data can be a good criterion for future business decisions and better understanding of users.

Special mobile design

Mobile marketing is one of the most common and most visited modern advertising methods. The maximum distance that people take from their mobile phone during the day is less than the distance from the shoulder to the fingertips. How can such a tool be lost.

Technical support

A major challenge for digital advertising agencies is the lack of access to Inteactive's technical development team. Wackotech specializes in the design and development of this type of advertising.

Social advertising

You will experience a new and different type of advertising on social networks. Encourage users to participate more in your pages. Provide a new way to draw and compete using our LeaderBoard and be a pioneer in this style.

Targeted advertising

Targeted engagement of users usually requires costly and challenging campaigns, which may not end well. Interactive advertising allows you to attract the real audience of your product

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