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Provide a creative game suitable for your business

Set Order

Game selection

Depending on your business, you can choose one of the ready-made games or if you have a specific example, tell us so that we can guide you.

Personalize Assets

By changing the in-game elements such as logo, characters, background and ...
A game with special graphics is at your disposal.

Set Order

Upload your favorite music

After selecting the game and changing the elements, it's time to upload your favorite music or use one of the default music that we have provided for you.

Get Call to Action

At this stage, you will be taken to a link where you can enter the link of your business site or Instagram so that your user can share your game on the specified social networks.

Get a bill

After payment, game links will be provided to you on Ad Network.

Access to IN-Ad data

You can improve your performance by accessing and reviewing user information.

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